Don't just communicate...

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From building winning campaigns, to unearthing game-changing insights, to creating powerful ads, to passing landmark legislation, to delivering the message, RESONATE is a new kind of consulting firm, bringing together strategists who've impacted politics at every level with one goal: to help our clients resonate with the audiences they want to reach.


Our Team

RESONATE'S partners have played key decision-making roles on hundreds of campaigns, at every level of American politics – from mayoral and statehouse races, to the biggest statewide and national campaigns.  Our team has founded, run and consulted for dozens of independent political efforts, as well as issue campaigns and ballot initiatives that have impacted policy and, along the way, changed lives in this country.

Yes, we’ve got decades of experience, but staying power only comes from staying current. We combine innovation and the latest in campaign and communications practices with knowledge and know-how of the tried and true.

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