Jim Jordan

Since 1995, Jim Jordan has been a fixture in Democratic politics, managing, advising, and consulting for candidates, party committees and independent committees, largely at the statewide and national level.  In the late 1990s, after serving on a successful Senate challenger campaign, he worked on Capitol Hill for Senators Tom Daschle, John Kerry, John Glenn, and Robert Torricelli, as well as on the House side for Leader Dick Gephardt.  He provided communications and political advice to House and Senate Leadership during both the Senate investigations and hearings into the fundraising practices of the Clinton re-election campaign and the House Judiciary Committee proceedings on Clinton's Impeachment.


Over the next two election cycles, Jordan served as Communications Director, Political Director, and finally as Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Over his tenure, the Committee helped to engineer the surprise six-seat pick up in 2000, and to mitigate the political damage in the very difficult post-9/11 2002 cycle.


Since, Jordan has worked with prominent Democratic media firms and has run his own company providing a variety of communications and strategic services to dozens of statewide and congressional campaigns.  He has served in senior roles in three presidential campaigns, including four years of strategic planning and management during the run up to John Kerry’s presidential run.  That culminated in his service as Kerry’s Campaign Manager until November of 2003.


Besides working directly with candidates, Jordan has had as clients a variety of independent political efforts (527s, c-3 and 4 organizations, party committees, and independent expenditure programs), progressive interest groups, professional trade organizations.