Nick Clemons

With 25 years of experience managing successful campaigns from the presidential level to the local, Nick Clemons specializes in campaign management, voter contact, and grassroots organizing. Nick started his career as a field organizer for the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1995.


In 2004 he managed John Kerry’s general election campaign in New Hampshire, the only state to flip from red to blue that year.  Earlier in that cycle he served as the field director on Kerry’s winning primary campaign in New Hampshire and was the state director for Kerry’s winning efforts in Maine and Maryland.   


In 2006 he managed the New Hampshire Democratic Party coordinated campaign which resulted in Democratic wins from top-to-bottom.  The most successful year for Granite State Democrats since the Civil War, the coordinated campaign was key to re-electing the governor, electing Democratic majorities to the state house, senate, and executive council and taking both seats in Congress.


Nick ran Hillary Clinton’s come from behind victory in the 2008 NH Presidential Primary and went on to direct her primary wins in New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and South Dakota. He organized and managed Gavin Newsom’s exploratory campaign for governor of California in 2009 and served as the general consultant for Maggie Hassan in her successful first run for governor of New Hampshire in 2012. 


Nick managed Niki Tsongas’s successful re-election to congress in Massachusetts in 2010.  He managed all of Joe Kennedy III’s campaigns for Congress and Senate. He also worked in a variety of roles in the gubernatorial administration of Jeanne Shaheen and served as district director for Congressman Joe Kennedy III.